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For Communities, Brands, Businesses and Influencers engaging. The All-in-One AI and AR Powered Technology.

What is CollabDeen?

CollabDeen is a Deep-Tech, AI-Powered, community management platform that helps Faith-based communities, Brands, Business and Influencers to grow their social community and build their audience. Admins get a beautiful, real-time view of their community analytics that helps them participate in the continual development of their community. Businesses now with ability to build their niche audience in this fastest growing Global Economy, estimated USD$4.8 trillion by 2022.

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Start creating your heart out!

Create interactive experiences for your audience — get more responses 

We are creating the balanced lifestyle of People.

Create technology and life


Doesn’t matter who you are, a business owner, an influencer, a brand or a Mosque and Community Centre Administrator. We have all tools for you. Build your audience and communicate at the ease of your sofa.


Once you have your community, start collaborating sharing, from Sharing photos to Live Video, Donations to Fundraising, Events to Projects. Everything you may need for Communities

CollabDeen powers ambitious communities



  • 85% of users
  • 100% of admins
  • 10s of millions

Picture it! Over a billion global helping collaborate with over 5 million Community Centres globally

CollabDeen powers ambitious communities!