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People from over 22 countries feel DeenCollab is easy to use, makes collaboration smoother and provides good value for money right out of the box. If you’re looking for your first ever community App, we will help you setup in 60 sec. So, what are you waiting for?

Get more attendees by creating an event through your Community Page

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With its unique blend of information, engagement and interaction features, CollabDeen event feature will increase your members engagement online and offline.

No longer will any community not have an online presence.

With CollabDeen, all communities will have their own Community Home page and webpage complete with all the necessary important information about the community.

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Comprehensive view of your community analytics

Your community have members and customers data points. When you analyze it, you gain access to all types of valuable insight. 

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 CollabDeen data analytics tool is designed to help you prove the value of your community and to provide a comprehensive view into your most important metrics.

CollabDeen Admin Portal - A dashboard you call it home

As a community admin, you have the highest level of access within your CollabDeen community. 

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Best of all, there are No ads before, after, or on our videos and your videos.


You can set out a YouTube Live for now, we are working on in-app videos soon

All Update as one News-Feed for your users

Keep up-to-date with the best news from your community or the communities which you have followed.

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Live Videos: Your Members Catching up Community Events on the go

Enjoy quality Faith and Lifestyle video content. Stream easily with our unlimited bandwidth in the CollabDeen player which supports both 4K & HDR video format.

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Admin Portal allows you to access and utilize your community administrative tools simply. Manage all the members in your community, including content on your community page. Oversee your community’s involvement as a whole.

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